3.6.15-3.9.15 – Day 46-49

10 Mar

3.6.15 – Day 46

3.7.15 – Day 47

3.8.15 – Day 48

3.9.15 – Day 49

Log due by Friday!


3.5.15 – Day 45

6 Mar

Day 45

Thursday – and a good ‘ol repeat for the Open workout this week. 15.2 is 14.2. OHS and Chest to Bars. I have a love hate relationship with this workout. Can’t wait to watch everyone tear it up tomorrow though!

Log for today due Friday 9pm.

3.4.15 – Day 44

5 Mar

Day 44


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3.3.15 – Day 43

4 Mar

Day 43


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3.2.15 – Day 42

3 Mar

Day 42


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3.1.15 – Day 41

3 Mar

Day 41


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2.28.15 – Day 40

28 Feb

Day 40


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2.27.15 – Day 39

28 Feb

Day 39


So incredibly proud of everyone participating in the Open. As expected, the energy was flippin’ awesome. We saw so many PR’s – which I totally didn’t expect people to hit after that gnarly workout.

Can’t wait to see what Castro throws out there for next week!

Log for today due Sunday 9pm.

2.26.15 – Day 38

27 Feb

Day 38

Let the games begin!

I wish this was the Hunger Games. Maybe I’d be able to participate at that. Despite the fact that I’m broken, and can’t lift, I am going to do my best at still participating in the Open. This will be my 4th year and I’m not going to sit out that’s for sure. Thank goodness for the scaled option this year.

I am so excited for classes tomorrow – I love the Open!

We are obviously going to hammer down on mobility & the workout tomorrow before we kick off the Open, but in the meantime here’s some tips to ponder – CLICK HERE

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2.25.15 – Day 37

26 Feb

Day 37

Tomorrow is the big day – the 2015 CrossFit Open season begins and Castro drops 15.1 on all of our asses. Still hoping & praying it’s something with only bodyweight movements so I can actually participate. I’m so excited for classes on Friday. The energy in the gym during the Open is ELECTRIC and I fricken loooooove it!

Sweet CrossFit dreams.

Log for today due Thursday 9pm.