Deadlines / What you need to do this week…

16 Jan

I hope you guys are all excited to start this 30 day journey. 

Make sure that you read over all of the rules of the Challenge sometime today so that you know what is going on. Also, be sure to check this blog daily. There will be posts with information, questions, recipes, tips, etc etc. If your partner is slacking on this be sure to keep them in the loop.

I need a few things from you guys to kick this Challenge off.

DAILY – There will be a post made daily with the date, be sure to log your info in the comments section. You have 2 days to do this.

  • Log your breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner in detail – 2 pts per meal, 1 pt per snack if no cheats, 0 pts per cheat
  • Log your WOD – you can post your results of just put that you wodded out – 1 pt per wod with 3 pts/wk the max anyone can get
  • Log your Yoga/Open Gym on Saturdays – 1 pt per Yoga, 1 pt per Open Gym
  • Log your sleep – 7+ hours of sleep = 1 pt


  • I need to know who you partner is by Tonight at 9pm. I listed everyone participating in the email. Contact someone, be partners, be awesome.
  • Measurements & Weight will be taken at the gym by Coach Britt Wed, Jan 16 & Th, Jan 17 during the 5, 6 & 8pm classes.
  • $10 entry fee due TODAY. If you won’t be there have your partner pay for you then pay them back.

BY FRIDAY – no excuses. get this stuff to me by Friday 10pm at the very latest. anything after 10pm Friday will not count, and your partner will probably kick your ass.

  • Before Photos – you can take these yourself. FRONT VIEW, SIDE VIEW, BACK VIEW. It is best to wear no shirt and shorts for guys, a sports bra and shorts or a swimsuit for ladies. These photos must be emailed to These photos will not be disclosed to ANYONE. Photos are worth 20 pts.
  • Goal – your goal is also due at the same time. Make it something that will be a good stretch, but not too far fetched so that it is unreachable in 30 days. Make you goal specific…i.e. instead of saying “Pullups” I want specifics…”5 Kipping Pullups” OR instead of saying “PR my Deadlift” I want “PR my Deadlift by 10#” OR instead of saying “Faster Fran” I want “Sub 4:00 Fran”

2 Responses to “Deadlines / What you need to do this week…”

  1. amanda o January 16, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    Breakfast.. 2 scrambled eggs two pieces of bacon
    Lunch..grilled chicken breast. Orang(did I do this right?)

    • recklesscrossfitpaleochallenge January 16, 2013 at 8:11 pm #

      perfect, but if you want you can wait until the end of the day to post it all together with your wod and sleep in there too!

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