Top 5 Teams…so far.

1 Feb

alright folks…it’s a good thing i took all those business classes in college and remember how to do formulas in excel. yay augustana. president bahls would be so proud…yes his last name is bahls. insert joke here.

since we have 1 team of 3, i took the total amount of points for each team and divided by the number of team members to get an average point per person. that’s what this ranking is based off of. these are your points for your diet and if you signed up for the open. your scores for photos, goals, etc will be added at the end.

the top teams are literally separated by a few points! it’s extremely close. hitting up Yoga, Open Gym, or signing up for the Open may be your ticket to winning this thing!

the scores below are the average per person. please don’t give me too much shit about this. my brain is going to explode.

Top 5 teams:
1. Lisa & Sarah (156)
2. Tony S & Brittany (154)
3. Amanda O & Pilar (153)
4. Joel & Bryan (151)
5. Amy & Amanda  (148)


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