5.8.13 – Day 8

8 May

Day 8

I want to start out here by telling you all I’m a liar. I told you all in bold blue letters that the benchmark wod for the Challenge would be today. NOPE. Josh had other plans for our poor souls and we are doing a crazy ass SLED workout.

We will, however, be doing the Challenge workout tomorrow. For realz this time.

Have any of you guys tried coconut butter yet? It’s fricken delicious. You can buy it at Meijer by the nut butters. We put a scoop on our sweet potatoes with some cinnamon on top, or we’ll throw a scoop on warm veggies. It’s like butter, but not horrible for you. Unlike coconut oil, it actually has the consistency of butter. I’m going to make some homemade coconut butter tonight and see how it turns out. I like DIY better than BUY.

Have any of you guys noticed how much of a crazy dog lady I am? I’m sure you haven’t because it’s totally not noticeable. I’m sure I look awesome pulling up to the gym after work with a ton of shit in my arms including 2 25# dogs (I divided that evenly to make Reckless feel better. It’s more like Josie 22# Reckless 28#). Anyways, I’m in the process of converting our house to paleo as much as possible. Meaning, making my own cleaners, and buying chemical free soaps/shampoos/deodorant/beauty products. Even for the dogs. They have always been on “paleo” food, their dog food is grain/dairy/byproduct/filler free and they eat whatever we have for dinner. They are big fans of coconut, avocados, and sweet potatoes…and of course bacon. I found a company called LUSH that I’ve been buying all of my soaps/lotions/makeup from and decided it was time to get the dogs into it too. I got their all natural Coconut shampoo bar in the mail today. I can’t wait to give them a bath tonight with it!

Let’s be serious, I’ll probably use it for myself too. I’m obsessed with their products. I smell like a clean hippie, if there is such thing. This makes me happy, as I used to be a dirty hippie. Like for real. I would go out and sleep in the woods for a few days and take “baths” in the lake. I used patchouli on my armpits, never brushed my hair, and rarely took actual showers. I played the djembe and had dreads in the bottom of my hair. I even ate an occasional bug. I’ve come a long way since then. I smell really good now.

You guys will all be happy to know I am no longer driving illegally. I tried my hand at the DMV again today. Got there at 12:30 and was out the door, license in hand at 1:00! HOLLER! DMV redemption. The guy was super nice, which never happens, and I got 100% on the written exam. Fuck yeah. The poor guy next to me kept failing his, and there was this little old lady trying to pass her driving exam for like the 4th day in a row. I’m glad I’m not the DMV worker that has to ride with her.

Photo on the left is me when I was 21. Look at that face. Holy bloat. Photo on the right is from today. Face is much less grape shaped, and my skin even looks healthier. Crazy what working out and eating clean can do for you.



Before and after pics are fun…and scary. Look at how small Josh was, and how, um, bloated…I was. I used to have boobs.

911909_731625869062_468525059_n 913111_731625864072_786589523_n

Here’s my progress since starting CrossFit & eating clean.



Anything is possible folks.

Thanks for continuing to like me, and read my nonsense/rambling posts. Love you guys.

Food log for today is due 5.9.13 by 10pm.



106 Responses to “5.8.13 – Day 8”

  1. cassandrawest May 13, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

    For some reason my stuff isn’t always showing up. 😦
    B: 3 eggs Over Medium & 4 Bacon
    S: Paleo Coconut Covered Date
    L: Chicken Salad
    S: Mixed Fruit
    D: Salad & Beef
    Supps: Yes
    WOD: Yes
    Sleep: 8.5

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