SAF Testimonial

6 Feb

So here’s your chance to air it all out.

What did you love about the Challenge?

What did you hate?

What was your favorite part?

Least favorite?

Did your diet plan work for you?

Is this something you’re going to keep doing in the future?

How did you feel during workouts?


Gimme the deets! I want to know!

Testimonial due Saturday 10pm.


11 Responses to “SAF Testimonial”

  1. Jonny Youhanaie February 6, 2014 at 2:24 pm #

    This challenge was most definitely easier than the first time I did the Lurong challenge other than it being twice as long. I think my ceavings were easier to control. Since I had a better idea of what was paleo and what wasn’t I could plan better for the week.

    The thing I loved most was that my discipline was constantly being tested. There were so many instances hwre it would have been easier to just eat crap. Instead I perserveared and ate clean. Also, since my work schedule was limiting the amount of pm classes I kept pushing toget wods in and work out at 5 am. I definitely never thought I would actually be able to get up and workout.

    The thing I hated most was not being able to eat pizza! Other than I would say having to decline going out or going to a restaurant and being that picky douche bag. The first week and a half or so was terrible. The sugar withdrawal and adjusting the diet definitely affected my mood. Once I kept busy and got into the routine I started feeling less shitty.

    Overall, I think my diet plan worked for me. I ate the same thing for breakfast every single morning. I had no issue with that. It made planning very easy. For other meals I would plan at the beginning of the week and I would look for the easiest prep and least amount of time. I think doing normal paleo was exactly what I needed. Anything else might have been too relaxed or too extreme and my results wouldn’t have been the same.

    I do intend on sticking with a paleo type diet. My main goal is to not drink pop or energy drinks and minimize sugar intake.

    Finally, I know the challenge has improved my workouts. I didn’t notice improvements until about the second week. After that I felt less like crap and felt better during and right after the wod. Prior to the challenge, I was struggling getting back into the swing of things after my hiatus. Over the challenge I think my endurance is close to being what it was before I left.

  2. Tony B February 7, 2014 at 4:49 am #

    This challenge was exactly that! I was challenged daily with temptations and I stayed very strong. This time I was the only one in the house doing it so it was tough because some nights the rest of the family would have wonderful things like pizza and ice cream I would have meat and vegis. The hardest part is taking the time to pre plan and pack my lunch and snacks for work. Some days I would eat everything by 11 that was supposed to feed me till 3 and I would still be hungry but would just starve till dinner. Other days I would be so tied up that I wouldn’t be able to eat anything from 8 till 3/330.
    I love how my pants began to feel looser in the waist and body weight movements felt much easier like bmu, MU, hspu. I still can not breath during workouts but that should get better with time.
    I would love to say I am going to stay strict but it is probably not realistic. I however do want to stay eating as health as I can but I need some cheats here and there. Like pizza, dairy, and I have to make a red velvet Oreo truffle cake!!!
    Another part that I wasn’t able to stick to that you wanted me to was no fruit. I found it impossible to not eat fruit. I love fruit! I think I used it as a crutch for my sugar detox also because this time felt much easier than previous challenges. I did not have the multi day extreme headache, I don’t think I was as much of a complete ass those first few days either. I did notice that I seemed to have more cravings even though I did not act on them.

  3. mikestewart4 February 7, 2014 at 8:19 pm #

    After being away from the gym for basically 6 months I had just started to get back into the swing of things. At first i struggled with making sure I drank enough water and after the first week was able to remember to drink and set my phone to remind me to drink. I didn’t “detox” till about the second week and it was terrible. Headaches, and cravings all the time. I was able to get past that barrier and continue to work towards my goals. I created a spreadsheet with all the foods I eat every day and track how many grams of protein, fat, carbs, sugar and sodium I take in each day and tweaked my diet to make it work well for me.

    I am going to keep eating the same way I did in the challenge and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I have finally broken through the wall and can definitely see the improvement in my performance each day. And I am slowly but surely getting my strength numbers back up to where they were before i stopped showing up at the gym.

    I am very happy I decided to join the challenge and look forward to the slow and steady process of getting in shape and gaining strength. I am also happy that I was able to achieve 2 of the 3 goals I set and am very close to getting the 5 du in a row.

  4. Mallory Larson February 7, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

    Alright Britt, here it goes…. So this is my third challenge and I have to say my favorite and definitely the easiest! I never felt like I did on this challenge like I did the last one. I felt like my body was doing okay with the modifications that you gave me. I know it was a lot of work for you to specifically give everyone their own meal plan but I thank you so much for it. I think I strayed away from it a little but still stuck to paleo. I started to crave sugar so I needed to intake fruit and when I felt like I was eating too much fruit, I would cut back a little. I don’t see a huge transformation in my workouts but I did increase one full round in the “Paleo WOD”.

    I think my favorite part was the fact that you set something up for each person. Most of the time people go into these things with absolutely no clue on what to do and I will admit, I’m still like that. I love our paleo group pages but I wish people posted more of their food or recipes in that. You put some great stuff up that when I get a chance, I plan on making. I think my diet plan did work for me, I also think I need to do more research to be able to hit it harder and track things more but I never ate until 2-3 hours after I got up. Having coffee definitely helped with holding me over for sure. My work schedule and school schedule is kind of brutal so I am extremely limited on when I can eat but I am proud that I stayed pretty strict (other than my 3 pieces of toast I had to keep myself from puking one day).

    I’m not sure if I’m more motivated this go around but I surrounded myself with positive things to keep me going. I liked various paleo or workout pages on fb and always was on google looking up recipes. I definitely plan on keeping this going. I want to see where my body can be at by summer. I was thinking, have you ever thought about doing a challenge that is longer than a month? I will admit, I have a hard time if I’m not on these challenges. I know its mental but I’m weird. Anyways, I loved this challenge and I’m so glad I did it because it gave me back confidence and motivation to keep improving myself 🙂 One more thing… I went to the movies with the boyfriend the other night and that little shit bought himself some buncha crunch (my favorite theater snack). He asks, “Do you care?” Um…yes I fucking care! I did not get blessed with being skinny. So of course I said, “No hunnie, thats okay” Insert sarcasm. I wont lie. I was going to cheat and I was like fuck this, No I’m not. So then I got really into the movie and forgot how annoyed I was that he was sitting there eating my favorite candy. I never gave in and felt so good about myself after that 🙂

    • Mallory Larson February 7, 2014 at 8:52 pm #

      Sorry that was a novel…

  5. Ashley Martin February 8, 2014 at 3:58 am #

    This was my first time doing a paleo challenge, and it wasn’t great or easy the first week and a half! That first week of going into the challenge I ended up getting a sinus infection and laryngitis. Needless to say I didn’t get to the gym that entire week which made going that next week so much worse! I was so sore from being sick and working out that next week. That first week I also found myself wandering around our kitchen opening the cabinets and fridge looking for something to eat even though I knew I couldn’t have it. LOL. I have stopped the boredom eating and not wandering the kitchen anymore! I think that is one of the best things about doing this challenge is that it got me to stop the extra eating. It was great that I was able to do this with Andy too. If he didn’t do it I don’t think that I would have been able to stick to it. I did get really tired of cooking every single day, and I am a pretty picky eater so I found myself eating the same thing every day. I did stray from the diet plan a little. I have to say I like my fruit. Apples and bananas are a weakness of mine. I am planning on staying on clean eating with a cheat meal or two every week (so I don’t go crazy). But I have liked my progress for this last month. I felt really weak the first two weeks, but it got better and I have been feeling good durning the workouts this last week. I am starting to feel a little stronger and breathing a little better (not great but better). And I love that I achieved my goal and got my DU’s together. That has been one of my goals for a LONG time, and it feels great! My clothes are fitting better, I’m feeling better, and I’m planning on trying to stay clean (most of the time) and being the healthiest that I have been in in a long time. Looking forward to the rest of 2014!

  6. cesbee February 8, 2014 at 7:11 pm #

    This was the first time I’ve ever done a challenge let alone Paleo. It was definitely a challenge! I’m the only one in my family eating this way. Our fridge has milk, yogurt, fruits, potatoes, left over fast food and the pantry has oatmeal, bread, ‘breakfast bars’, chips and canned processed food. Then while my family is eating cereal, ice cream, pizza, microwaveable meals etc. – I was constantly going to the store to re-stock my meat, eggs, nuts and veggies. I was also cooking every 2 meals which took up a lot of time. In spite of all this, I am so glad to have started the Paleo lifestyle because it has made me realize a lot about my body. I plan to stick to a Paleo template moving forward.
    Doing the Paleo challenge has provided me the next step in my own health and fitness journey (18 months ago, I was obese at 176 lbs, lethargic and pre-diabetic). Going Paleo is the missing piece of the puzzle for me (on top of doing Crossfit) to keep off the weight and get stronger. I like the Paleo lifestyle because I love to eat meat, seafood, nuts and fruit. I also re-kindled my love for avocados! plus there’s no counting calories, I like eating different veggies and don’t mind cooking. I do still need to find many options for paleo snacks and find subs for oatmeal, bread, beans, rice, yogurt and ice cream. The worst was I would get hungry in between meals and look at the pantry for a snack and finding there is nothing Paleoish in there and eat a lot of almonds instead. I think I have this under control now.I’ve started to read Paleo recipe books and blogs and am sure will find some subs I can live with long term. I actually don’t miss bread, beans and rice as I thought I would. I love that I don’t feel as bloated as I used to pre-Paleo. I love that my jeans fit so much better! It has really surprised me that grains, dairy, sugar and processed food can actually do this to our bodies because of my own experience. Now I have it stuck in my head whether it’s worth feeling all that uncomfortable bloat for days for a slice of cheesecake or a bowl of ice cream! I also found that when I ate grains, sugar and processed food, it made me hungry for more! Eating paleo – I’m also not craving junk foods as much. Yes, I will still eat grains, sweet stuff and dairy etc on occasion but thinking about the bloating and how I hate that will definitely keep me from overindulging for long periods. I felt really good eating Paleo. No weakness or irritability and felt satisfied with the meals.
    So thanks everyone for sharing. It’s nice to read about your experiences and know I’m not alone. Knowing where I have come from 18 months ago – switching to Paleo and maintaining it on top of continuing to do Crossfit, the more I know I will get stronger AND beat pre-diabetes’s fat ass for good!

  7. Kristie February 8, 2014 at 7:47 pm #

    Okay, so you may hate me for being totally honest,but here goes: what I LOVED: that you did individual diets and when I messaged you about needing sweet, you helped me out. I also LOVED your posts of simple food and recipes from you and others. What I hated- almost the entire thing. Not going to lie. It was harder this time (mentally) for SO many reasons. First- I did not like that I did not get feedback on what I ate- I loved the last challenge when you would “Yell” at us if we ate things that were not great for us. Second- I did not like that I didn’t have a team, or someone to yell at me for not posting (although, I did appreciate the flexibility in posting a little). Third- I HATED that I was the only one doing it in my house and Rey kept bringing shit home to eat, which I did not resist at times :-(. I HATED that I had BAD self-control this time. Fourth- I HATED that I missed a few workouts due to the damn Lurong Vitamins that screwed with my intestines. My diet plan did not work because I was not mentally where I should have been about halfway through the challenge. I will definitely try to keep on a more paleo diet (but NOT as strict as the first two weeks) this time around- maybe 80/20. I still would LOVE if we had a paleo potluck at the gym!

  8. Andrew February 9, 2014 at 2:53 am #

    This was my first paleo challenge. It really helped that Brittany basically told me what I needed to eat. It really wasn’t too bad, the only hard part was going out on the weekends and watch all my friends eat tasty food and booze it up. I only increases my benchmark wod by 5 reps, but I think that was pretty good considering I lost over 10 lbs! I’m going to try to keep the diet going, but I will be cheating a few times on the weekends. 🙂

  9. Pilar February 9, 2014 at 11:13 pm #

    This was my 3rd time doing a Reckless challenge. It was a little hard at the beginning, I missed eating some fruit but after a week I got used to it. I did notice an improvement with my performance at the Gym, I loved the personalized tips for the challenge. I would definitely continue with a Paleo lifestyle.

  10. Calli February 11, 2014 at 2:25 am #

    I loved all the recipes we were able to share and having others to reflect on the challenge with, misery loves company. I hated that I had so much going on in January I was unable to keep clean for more than a week at a time, I know, that’s life. Favorite part was finding new recipes and having my HUSBAND actually cook dinner some days. It helped out a lot since it’s a lot of prep. I hated how expensive it can get, I know it’s your health but I still choked every time I went to the grocery store. Since this was my first try and I just did the basic paleo plan I think it went very well, I think it is something I can stick with most days of the week. I feel like shit now that I have put the other crap back in my diet…thinking of going back already. I had pretty great workouts while on the challenge. I wish we were able to be there to benchmark ourselves with the after WOD but due to everything we had to cut it short.

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