1.30.15 – Day 11

30 Jan

Day 11

Remember to weigh in today at the gym. This Challenge is not focused on what the scale says. It’s just a tracking measure. The true measure is how you feel at the end, how your clothes fit, your performance in your workouts, and your body composition. A few people have gained weight, a few people have lost weight. We’ve still got a lot of time in this Challenge. Stay with it!

That being said, it’s time for the weekend again…a dieters biggest challenge…and this weekend holds the almighty SUPERBOWL…a dieters worst nightmare. I’m going to assume I’ll see some cheats on Sunday’s log, BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! There are TONS of great paleo Super Bowl foods and appetizers that you can eat during the game.

Here’s 48 fantastic paleo Super Bowl food ideas

And no…beer is not a necessity to a successful Super Bowl. Trust me, I like drinks just as much as the next guy but you can survive without them. If you really have the itch to hit the bottle a bit below is a list of low carb options. Just remember to KEEP TRACK OF YOUR DRINKS AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUR CARBS! Under 30g or bust!

Here’s some good low carb drink options

Log for today due Saturday 9pm.


9 Responses to “1.30.15 – Day 11”

  1. staceyj27 January 31, 2015 at 3:50 am #

    •10 hours sleep
    •gal water
    •waited 3 hours
    •eggs, bacon, spinach
    •pork chop, broccoli, bacon
    •sunflower seeds

  2. Pilar January 31, 2015 at 4:40 pm #

    Waited more than 2 hours to eat

    B- eggs, broccoli, grass fed cheese
    L-pork, avocado & cucumbers
    Snack- almonds
    D- turkey, sweet potato, grass fed cheese, cucumbers
    WOD- 4 rounds
    Challenge WOD- 10:12
    125 oz water
    7.5 hours of sleep

  3. HopeMarie January 31, 2015 at 10:13 pm #

    Slept 7 hours
    Waited 2 hours
    Chicken Oven-baked Lemon Chicken Tenders Plain 12 oz, Broccoli Steamed, 1.5 cup
    Plain Ground Beef 1 cup cooked, Broccoli Steamed 1.5 cup
    Plain Pork Chop 3 oz, Small Sweet Potato, Target-market Pantry – Italian-style Blend Frozen Vegetables
    Sunbutter 4 tbsp, Celery Raw 2 stalk, Rumiano Cheese – Organic Sharp Cheddar, 2 oz.
    45 g carbs
    WOD 4+3
    over 96 ounces of water

  4. Fred January 31, 2015 at 10:51 pm #

    Waited 2 hrs
    B: hard boiled eggs
    L: sunflower seeds
    D: tuna, eggs and green peppers
    Wod: 3+15
    Extra challenge wod: 12:23
    230 oz of water
    Slept 7hrs

  5. Cara Martinez February 1, 2015 at 1:44 am #

    slept +7
    weighed myself……………grrrrrrrrrr
    waited 2 hours to eat
    black coffee
    veggie omlete + bacon + 3 more pieces of bacon
    pile of cashews
    140 oz o water………..pissssssssss
    sausage stuffed portabello mushrooms for dinner
    the end

  6. kendra February 1, 2015 at 1:56 am #

    waited 3 hrs- black coffee & water
    breakfast- 2 eggs scrambled with cilantro lime chicken, gf cheese, spinach, 1/2 avocado, fresh salsa
    lunch- chop salad w/ cilantro lime chicken, no dressing
    dinner- paleo chicken tacos, with paleo tortillas, 1/2 avocado, small amnt of gf cheese, fresh salsa
    water- 120oz
    sleep- 7 hrs

  7. FRITO February 1, 2015 at 2:43 am #

    Waited to eat
    8 hrs sleep
    B- protein shake
    L- almonds, beef sticks
    Water 180 oz
    WOD – can’t remember but it felt good

  8. bzwemke February 1, 2015 at 2:56 am #

    Black coffee
    Eggs, bacon
    Italian salad- pepporoni, salami- no dressing
    Lara bar
    Chicken lettuce tacos

  9. tony b February 3, 2015 at 4:58 pm #

    Slept 9
    Waited at least 6
    Drove to dells
    Lunch was a burger topped with pulled pork, Canadian bacon, bacon, onions, mushrooms
    Sooooooooo damn good, no bun

    They all had pizza for dinner so i had to have 1 piece of mexican pizza

    Then had protein shake around 730 that was all.
    120 oz water

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