2.12.15 – Day 24

13 Feb

Day 24

CHECK IN’S WITH ME TOMORROW! I’ll be at the 8:30am class too. Holla!

So the story I wanted to share seemed way funnier when I was originally going to write it. Good thing I didn’t make a big blog about it because you guys would have been like, ha ha in one of those – well this is awkward and my friend thinks they’re being funny so I don’t know what to say right now besides haha lol even though I am nowhere near laughing out loud – kind of way.

So Josh think’s I’m a lunatic but I’ve had a lot of stuff going on personally lately. My brain is having a hard time coping so I went to see a hypnotherapist. I like trying new things, and I can’t get my brain to shut the fuck up long enough to meditate, so it was my last resort at gaining some sort of sanity.

Now if you’ve never been hypnotized (which not many people have…) it’s not what you see on TV. I assumed I would be knocked out and she would be having me running around the room doing the Chicken Dance. SOOOO not the case. You know when you’re really tired and groggy right when you wake up? Your body doesn’t want to move yet, but you can hear everything that’s going on and respond if you want to? That’s what hypnosis really feels like.

So she takes me into hypnosis and is doing this babbling talk in the background with some zen music playing and she’s working me through opening different parts of my subconscious brain. “You don’t have to focus on what I’m saying, just relax and receive what your brain opens up to you”. I’m going to assume what I was seeing was similar to tripping on acid. The weirdest shit was popping up. Like I wish there would have been a TV screen that was recording this stuff. I can’t even explain where some it was coming from. There was 1 thing that was pretty distinct outside of seeing Josh floating around a lot on water that was actually blue play-doh. DONUTS. Not a variety of donuts, but a chocolate frosted cake donut with colorful sprinkles. I didn’t eat it – or get to touch it because I wasn’t in there for some reason…lame. But it kept reappearing – exploding into a million little bits – shapeshifting – it even turned into a donut snake at one point.

So I don’t just like donuts in my conscious state. My subconscious clearly loves them too. I am a fat kid at heart. I knew it!

Log for today due Friday 9pm.


5 Responses to “2.12.15 – Day 24”

  1. Pilar February 13, 2015 at 10:38 am #

    Waited more than 2 hours to eat

    B- eggs whites, spinach
    L- grilled salmon, mixed green salad & some walnuts
    D-ground turkey & broccoli
    No WOD
    100 oz of water
    7 hours of sleep

  2. Fred February 13, 2015 at 12:36 pm #

    Waited 2 hrs

    100 oz of water
    No wods
    Slept 10 hrs
    Feeling like poo I don’t get sick very often so I am kind of a little baby when I get like this. 😷

  3. Tony b February 16, 2015 at 4:25 am #

    Slept 8
    Waited 5
    Protein shake
    Lots of water
    Laid on couch all day, no working out, sick
    Bacon wrapped pork chops, sweet potatoes

  4. Kendra February 17, 2015 at 10:15 pm #

    Waited 5 hrs- water
    Wod- 275
    L-spinach salad w/ bacon & chicken
    D- pork chop w/ brusselsprouts
    Water- 154oz
    Sleep- 7 hrs

  5. HopeMarie February 18, 2015 at 3:28 am #

    Waited 2 hours
    Slept 6 hours

    Broccoli Steamed 1 cup, Chicken Thigh Roasted Skinless 2 thighs
    Broccoli Steamed 1 cup, Baked Chicken Thigh skinless 6 oz.
    Chipolte – Steak, 4 oz, Chipolte – Lettece, 1 oz, Chipolte – Quacamole, 3.5 oz., Chipolte – Fresh Tomato Salsa, 3.5 oz
    Sunbutter 4 tbsp, Celery 2 stalks

    96 ounces of water
    Science Fair WOD πŸ™‚

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